Zimvest, Simplifying Wealth Creation For All​

Zimvest is the SEC licensed Asset Manager designed for everyone; young savers, employees, professionals, entrepreneurs and institutions.

Grow your wealth

We offer a well-curated bucket of investment opportunities created to meet your needs​

Global Equities Portfolio – get a slice of the biggest companies in the world.

Vault, Wealthbox and Aspire allow you to stash excess cash and reach your goals quicker.

Emerging Markets Portfolio – invest in high-yielding assets across Africa, Asia, and other developing countries. ​​​​

Ethical Portfolio - for zero-interest, but profit-seeking investors.

Track and manage your wealth

You are in control at all times. Track and monitor the performance and health of your investment portfolio in real-time.

Use our analytical tools to evaluate how effectively your portfolio complies with our suggestions, how it performs against identified benchmarks, and how you compare to other investors financially.

Multi-Currency Investment Portfolio

To diversify your portfolio and protect against exchange rate risk, we offer a bucket of investment opportunities in Dollars. We also provide you with a Multi-currency wallet system that allows seamless conversion of Naira to USD and vice versa. The process is made easy for you.

No matter how little, get your money working

Subscribe with as low as $100 in our SEC-registered dollar fixed income fund.

Know where you stand for free, no account required

What type of investor are you?

Are you a conservative, ethical or aggressive investor? Take this simple exercise to find out. Taking this test enables Zimvest the best asset allocation strategy to build your portfolio.

Forecast your financial future

What will your net worth be in 15 years? Set realistic financial expectations based on your current savings and investing habits. Use our Investment Goal calculator to project your financial future.

Achieve that goal

Trying to build that dream house or saving for retirement? Use our target calculator to know how much you need to save periodically to achieve your goal.

Let’s get started

Begin your journey towards financial freedom with Zimvest

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