Zimvest, Wealth demystified

We are SEC regulated; your money will always be safe with us
We are the experts; we will show you the best opportunities
Zimvest is for everyone: Young savers, Employees, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Companies and Institutions

Grow Your Wealth

We offer a well curated basket of investment opportunities to meet your needs

  • Mutual funds, treasury bills, investment notes, and bonds
  • Equities (local and international stock market)
  • Structured products and special opportunities (infrastructure, agriculture, commodities)

Track & Manage Your Wealth

You are in control at all times. Track and monitor the performance and health of your investment portfolio in real-time.

Use our analytics tools to see how well your portfolio meets our recommendations, how they perform relative to identified benchmarks, and how you stand financially to comparable investors.

Multi-Currency Investment Portfolio

To diversify your portfolio and protect against exchange rate risk, we offer investmentopportunities in dollars and naira. Also, we provide a multicurrency wallet system to allowseamless conversion between multiple currencies.

AI Powered Investment Profiling

Let our AI predict your Investment Persona! Share your current personal circumstances, investment objectives and investment horizon with our AI and Voilla!!! You can ascertain your risk Tolerance Level.